This products are a mix of concentrate from different fruits and vegetables with natural ingredients.

This products are ideal for the production of soft drinks and beverages and can be reconstituted by dilution with water in order to reach the Brix of ready to drink product.
Application: Fruit beverages, food applicatins, bakery, dairy, ice cream soft drinks / drinks, fruit prep, ready meals, jams, syrups.

Nowadays, diets increasingly rely on these types of mixtures to promote the intake of vitamins, fiber, minerals and low-calorie.

The idea that mixing fruits and vegetables is bad for health is completely wrong. Vegetables and fruits are a very important source of vitamins and minerals and must be present in every diet on a frequent basis. They also have very few calories.

Our company manufactures and supplies, in addition to these brown mixes, a large variety of mixes of other colors, with other fruits and vegetables.

Orange mixes, green mixes, purple mixes, red mixes, yellow mixes.


  • ºBrix (uncorr): 29.0 – 31.0% – IFU N.8 Determination of soluble solids (Indirect method by refractometry)
  • Acidity: 0.8 – 1.6(%w/v)ACA – IFU N.3 Titratable acidity
  • pH: 4.0 Max pH units – IFU N.11 Determination of pH value


  • Color: Typical – Organoleptic method
  • Taste: Typical not cooked – Organoleptic method
  • Flavour: Typical of fresh vegetable – Organoleptic method


  • Total Count: ‹1 CFU/ml – IFU N.2. Microbiological. Total count of potencial spoilaging microorganism of fruits and related products
  • Yeast: ‹1 CFU/ml – IFU N.2 Mod. Microbiological. Yeast and Moulds Count Procedure
  • Mould: ‹1 CFU/ml – IFU N.2 Mod. Microbiological. Yeast and Moulds Count Procedure


  • Filling: Aseptic
  • Packaging: 230Kg Net Weight. New metal conical drum, metal lid + plastic seal
  • Storage: Refrigerated (4 – 10ºC)
  • Shelf life: 12 Months