The growing demand for healthier products favors the production of concentrated and pureed vegetables previously treated in a convenient way and with hygiene requirements increasingly demanding. The fast way to consume these concentrated products makes them very desirable for a society that has less and less time to prepare healthy meals but does not want to reject a balanced diet.
To obtain concentrates and vegetable purées, a series of steps are carried out that are listed below and ensure a final product according to the expectations of the consumers. To exemplify, we will use the process used to create garlic concentrate:
– In the first place, its possible contamination by pesticides or pathogens is analyzed, the PH is also established and how much water they contain.
– Then the pretreatment or conditioning is elaborated, that is to say, washing and adapting the raw material according to its size. Immediately after the extraction process is performed.
– The extraction consists of a separation by dissolution with which waste is obtained that will be discarded and the extract.
– The next phase is the concentration, with which we remove water from the extract obtained.
– With drying we will eliminate up to 10% humidity using the dehydration of the material obtained in the previous phase.
Grinding will reduce the size of the particles that make up the product to a diameter less than 5-20mm.
– To finish we store the final product in jars at room temperature until it is used to manufacture new products.
With this process we obtain a clean product that does not alter the characteristics of the raw material, trying to alter as little as possible the taste, color and smell itself, so consumers will be satisfied and benefit from their properties without needing much time to prepare healthy dishes for a balanced diet.