Are we more attracted to a plate of food depending on the color or the colors it presents? Definitely yes… and that is that the sight and the appetite are intimately linked, and when we say sight we do not refer only to the textures, to the distribution and others; we also refer to the colors they present.

The color theory talks about the sensations that each and every one of the colors we perceive produce in our brain, so we can establish certain patterns based on the colors of the food we eat:

Red: it is a striking color that awakens our appetite and that the great chefs usually include in almost all their creations.

Orange: usually attributed to citrus fruits and, consequently, to a healthy diet.

Blue: it is not usually present in meals, so much so that its presence decreases appetite, being appropriate for diets that seek to lose weight.

Yellow: it is a color that gives the hand to the energy, to the vitality, that is why in our plate it will make our appetite grow without restraint. It will make your dishes more cheerful.

Green: green is always associated with healthy food, nature, good eating habits. Without a doubt it is a color that will open your appetite.

Gray: foods with grayish or whitish tones often displease the eye and make our appetite decrease.

It is an unquestionable fact that food comes first through the eyes, it is the first filter when it comes to awakening our desire to eat, our appetite. Taking into account these color issues can make it easier to prepare recipes that attract or, on the contrary, decrease our appetite if that is what we seek, either for a diet or for any other reason.

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