Benefits of the Mediterranean diet

Now days we immediately associate the Mediterranean diet with a diet full of quality and variety in its raw materials, with one that will provide us with everything necessary for a long and healthy life, so it is that the Mediterranean diet is full of benefits for our organism. This is because it feeds on natural foods such as vegetables, legumes, fruits, cereals, olive oil... all raw materials used in the Mediterranean diet should be as varied as possible, and if we opt for the natural when making the purchase we will see how our health improves and our

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Vegetarianism and vegetable concentrates

Vegetarianism and veganism are gaining ground in traditional nutrition as the 21st century advances. This is an unquestionable fact that brings with it the increase in the consumption of vegetables and derivatives. Their purchase grows and the consumption of vegetable purees and concentrates becomes increasingly common to cover the needs of this type of diets. There is no doubt that this new food stream is a trend that seems to win more and more followers every day. Therefore, from VegetablePuree we want to support this new type of life associated with a specific diet betting on vegetable purees and

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Cold and purees

Now that the cold arrives in our lives and they are starting to crave more and more spoon dishes that make us warm, having a good assortment of vegetable purées ready to be consumed will make our day-to-day life much easier. meals are healthier, contributing to a balanced diet according to a long and happy life. Always made with the highest quality raw materials, with vegetables grown following the strictest guidelines, the production of our purées and vegetable concentrates is always carried out under strict food safety controls and always complying with the current regulations regarding food hygiene . It

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