Benefits of vegetable purees

It is public knowledge that vegetables provide us with a great amount of benefits for our body and that they are essential in a balanced and healthy diet, that is why it is imperative that we include pieces of vegetables in our daily food intake. In this article we will not refer to the benefits of each one of the vegetables that will make up our purees and concentrates, benefits of excess demonstrated for our organism; we will limit ourselves to other benefits that may be even more important for certain people who see vegetables as inedible, either because

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The colors and the purees and concentrates of vegetables

Are we more attracted to a plate of food depending on the color or the colors it presents? Definitely yes... and that is that the sight and the appetite are intimately linked, and when we say sight we do not refer only to the textures, to the distribution and others; we also refer to the colors they present. The color theory talks about the sensations that each and every one of the colors we perceive produce in our brain, so we can establish certain patterns based on the colors of the food we eat: Red: it is a striking

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Responsible agriculture and vegetable purees

The sustainability of agriculture seems to be an important issue today, taking into account the population growth, the consumption of food that this entails and climate change and the problems that this entails. No one in their right mind is questioning the veracity of these issues, and finding a solution seems somewhat pressing, something that we must carry out in haste if we do not want the situation to become irreversible. Population growth has slowed as the 21st century has advanced, but it is still growing and it does not seem that it will stop doing so in the

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