Vegetable purees to lose weight

One of the objectives that we set ourselves at the beginning of the year or when we start a new temporary period is to lose weight, maintain a more balanced diet, achieve a healthier lifestyle. With the purees and vegetable concentrates we can combine these three variants of the same objective without having to go hungry or give up the taste in our meals. Everyone knows that fruits and vegetables are essential in a healthy diet, and that they provide a wide variety of vitamins and nutrients is also something we all know, that is why we increase the

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Benefits of vegetables according to their color

Green: spinach, chard, lettuce, broccoli, celery, asparagus, kiwi, avocado, Brussels sprouts, peas. The green color implies the presence of chlorophyll, but also gives us to understand that there is a large amount of magnesium, lutein (a potent antioxidant) as well as vitamins C and K, folic acid, calcium, fiber and potassium. Red, purple: tomato, strawberry, cherry, peach, apple, pepper, beet, red cabbage, watermelon, cherry, grape. The color red is indicative of foods that help reduce cardiovascular problems, help lower cholesterol, contain a good amount of vitamin C, magnesium, lycopene and phytochemicals. They are usually produced in summer and curiously

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Calendar of our vegetables

It is well known how beneficial it is to include vegetables in our diet to keep us healthy and ingest all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that our body needs. Five servings a day of fruits or vegetables are a good foundation for such a diet. Sometimes it is not so easy to buy any vegetable in what months of the year. Although some vegetables are available throughout the year to be purchased at different stores, the vegetables are seasonal. The ones we see available for purchase outside the season come from greenhouses. Seasonal vegetables tend to be

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