It is public knowledge that vegetables provide us with a great amount of benefits for our body and that they are essential in a balanced and healthy diet, that is why it is imperative that we include pieces of vegetables in our daily food intake.

In this article we will not refer to the benefits of each one of the vegetables that will make up our purees and concentrates, benefits of excess demonstrated for our organism; we will limit ourselves to other benefits that may be even more important for certain people who see vegetables as inedible, either because of their shape, texture or taste.

Vegetables, however, have always been a strong enemy of many people who find them unpleasant and refuse to take them even knowing the benefits they bring to our diet.

How could we solve this problem? Simple: with the use of varied and rich purees and vegetable concentrates.

Purees and vegetable concentrates eliminate the texture that some may find unpleasant when converting vegetables into a uniform mash more palatable and easy to consume, and all without sacrificing their beneficial contributions.

Another drawback argued by the detractors of the vegetables is the taste, they taste insipid and therefore do not consume them. Using purees and vegetable concentrates can make mixtures that provide more flavor, either by the mere conjugation of vegetables or because we add some more food to such purees, such as spices, cream or cheese.

The amount of vegetables we can mix for our creations of purees and concentrates are very broad, and there is a generous amount of different vegetables waiting to be mixed to create new tastes more friendly with the most demanding palates (and also with the least demanding ).

In short, purees and vegetable concentrates offer us a great alternative for those who do not tolerate vegetables in their natural form for whatever reason. They are simpler to consume, they can vary the flavors until they reach those that please us and offer a wide range of possible mixtures, all of them with their nuances and all of them willing to receive new ingredients to make them even more appetizing.