Now days we immediately associate the Mediterranean diet with a diet full of quality and variety in its raw materials, with one that will provide us with everything necessary for a long and healthy life, so it is that the Mediterranean diet is full of benefits for our organism. This is because it feeds on natural foods such as vegetables, legumes, fruits, cereals, olive oil… all raw materials used in the Mediterranean diet should be as varied as possible, and if we opt for the natural when making the purchase we will see how our health improves and our life takes a turn for the better.

However, following the Mediterranean diet becomes complicated if we take into account the current pace of life, the stress we experience daily and the rush that accompanies us at all hours, but not impossible. That is why the vegetable concentrates and purees that VegetablePuree offers, can be a great ally to achieve introducing the Mediterranean diet in your life and thus achieve that your body benefits from all its advantages. VegetablePuree provides all the benefits of the Mediterranean diet in less time, thus facilitating the intake of vegetables, something vital in this rich and healthy diet.

Our purees and vegetable concentrates are made only with raw materials of the highest quality, obtained naturally and treated with care to reach the table of your home without losing quality or flavour, helping you to introduce these food groups in your diet so that you benefit from all its advantages.

Among all the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, the following are worth mentioning:

  • Reduces the level of cholesterol in blood thus avoiding cardiovascular diseases. This makes the Mediterranean diet a great enemy against obesity.
  • It is also a great enemy of diabetes because it is a diet rich in complex carbohydrates. In addition, the consumption of olive oil helps regulate the glucose levels of our body.
  • It has been demonstrated in several studies that the Mediterranean diet improves the cognitive capacity as well as the memory. We can say that our brain loves the Mediterranean diet.

Bet on a healthy lifestyle, opt for the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and promote the well-being of your body by helping you with the concentrates and purees of vegetables such as those offered by VegetablePuree.