The sustainability of agriculture seems to be an important issue today, taking into account the population growth, the consumption of food that this entails and climate change and the problems that this entails. No one in their right mind is questioning the veracity of these issues, and finding a solution seems somewhat pressing, something that we must carry out in haste if we do not want the situation to become irreversible.

Population growth has slowed as the 21st century has advanced, but it is still growing and it does not seem that it will stop doing so in the short or medium term. This growth is mainly concentrated in developing countries. However, it seems that the growth of agriculture and the production of agricultural products has managed to keep up with the demand. Will this be the case in the near future? From we hope that this is the case and that the markets adapt in the best way possible to the new demands and fluctuations of imports and exports of raw materials from developing countries.

With the concentrates and vegetable purees offered by VegetablePuree it is possible to make a more responsible consumption and, perhaps, generate a smaller amount of food that is thrown away because they expire, get bad, are discarded … an increasingly responsible consumption of all products and a greater ethic when it comes to producing and manipulating them can help things to improve and the concern derived from sustainable agriculture is a matter of the past. seeks to contribute its bit in this struggle with an unblemished ethic when it comes to making its purées and vegetable concentrates, it also supports local agriculture favoring economies that seem forgotten by large companies and many governments.