Vegetarianism and veganism are gaining ground in traditional nutrition as the 21st century advances. This is an unquestionable fact that brings with it the increase in the consumption of vegetables and derivatives. Their purchase grows and the consumption of vegetable purees and concentrates becomes increasingly common to cover the needs of this type of diets.

There is no doubt that this new food stream is a trend that seems to win more and more followers every day. Therefore, from VegetablePuree we want to support this new type of life associated with a specific diet betting on vegetable purees and concentrates which can facilitate the consumption of all the necessary nutrients to those who have acquired this lifestyle.

In Spain, the percentage of the population that opts for this type of food is almost 8%, including vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians, and is that they find many benefits that argue in favour of their decision to do without, to a greater or lesser extent, of food from animals. Here are some of these benefits:

  • There are some studies that suggest that vegetarians may enjoy a certain degree of happiness, superior to those who consume meat and there is who affirms that this makes them less bound to depression.
  • Because being a vegetarian involves a low-calorie diet, a thinner silhouette is usually associated with this lifestyle.
  • Diets based on vegetables are usually cheaper than those with a high meat intake are.
  • The ethical implications of adopting a vegetarian diet are undeniable. It is understood consequently as a fight for the welfare of animals.
  • There are studies that suggest that a vegetarian diet favours the reduction of arterial hypertension.
  • Vegetarian diets are linked to an improvement of pre-existing cases of diabetes or those an individual might suffer in the future.